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We are supported in all of our hobby by a large list of those whose expertise, skill and talent produce the parts and services to keep our cars and other items equiped with the latest and best. We salute those who are those sources. From those we, HOCOC, is very fortunate to have the support of specific cottage industries in this hobby and lists them here from the link below as your NSC Speed Weekend Sponsors. Please give them a good look and you will find they are here to help you keep your stable of racing machines purring and running at their best.
Click this link to see who your current National Sportsman Championship Speed Weekend Sponsors & Supporters are?
Current National Sportsman Championship Speed Weekend List of Sponsors & Supporters

Dateline: 19 March, 2013...NSC Tracks Announced!
From the desk of Al Perschilli:
These are the tracks that will be used for the NSC/Speed Weekend:

Shamrock Glen - T-Jet Indy Car Event
Champion - Team SS T-Jet Event
Car Model - NSC

Dateline: 10, February, 2013...NSC Informational Flyer.

Dateline: 09, February, 2013...NSC Sponsors
As of this date Supertires and BSRT have joined to sponsor the NSC event for this year, 2012/13.
And now Alan Mirarchi of JW's HO Speed Parts and Resin Dude have joined the list of NSC Sponsors. As soon as I get a full list of sponsors I will post them.

a Dateline: 27, January, 2013...New Part(Front End) Approved!
The current rule for AFX Modified Coupes calls for a 3/16 wide deep dish front end. With this being a bit difficult to come up with along with a scavenging of parts to create a legal front end Alan Mirarchi of JW Speed Parts was contacted. And he was able to offer the following. I have his prototype and it has been seen by our rules guru and others as well. The decision was to approve this front end as it solves an ongoing problem and adds to ther aesthetics of the Modified Coupes. I will say that it is a quality part and as well as add looks it should help the car stabilize in the corners.
Here is the email from Alan Mirachi of JW Speed Parts with part#, description and order example:
The part number will be E14WP. It is $7.95 and is available in aluminum, brass, white plastic or black plastic. The tires can be supplied in any size up to .480. See the following example for ordering information. Example (E14WP-B-.405.) This would be the new front end in brass with .405 tires.

The event promoted here below has been in the works for sometime now. The organizer is a well known gentleman, TJ Mottola. TJ has been an avid racer and model builder for many years. And he has created what has become a preferred annual event and into it's 10th year, the popular New England Saturday Night Thunder Event. And as good as his facility was it is getting better all the time as he upgrades and improves.
But TJ now is trying to create the King Of Dirt event which will be at the Townsmen Club nearby to Harrisville in Northern Rhode Island. TJ is looking to create this to evolve into a signature event known for it's prestigious atmosphere and hopefully it's caliber of races. But it needs YOU the RACER. Please take some time and read about the event. If you have questions TJ has provided his phone# and email address. With your help this can be a fantastic event. And YOU could be in on this, the 1st King Of Dirt Race. TJ will spare nothing to make this a race to remember!!
Scroll down for info about a major upcoming race event, King Of Dirt. Or click the link here, King Of Dirt

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I also want to make mention of an upcoming event that is the brain child of TJ Mottola and a dream he has had for sometime now. And now it is real!!! As of a while back the 'HO King Of Dirt' event has taken wings and is coming soon!! TJ has made all arrangements to produce the event. It is 2 days and will be in Northern Rhode Island at the Townsmen Club. This is a quality and class establishment whose facility will host this event.
Registration information and what it includes is on the website. And you can register right there from the site. Click here, King Of Dirt to visit this page and read about the event. In the event you are interested there is a kit you will need. Contact TJ Mottola for the information to obtain your kit.

Race Promoter:
TJ Mottola
132 Railroad Ave.
Harrisville,RI 02830

Email TJ Mottola

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Values Statement
In the pursuit of our mission, we will maintain focus on our core values: Strategy for Success
HOCOC'S strategy in reaching it's mission is to organize, promote and sanction HO scale Slot Car racing based on 1:1 scale Stock Car racing from past to present. Our car classes incorporate a wide variety of chassis and the bodies emphasize the detail elements of real 1:1 scale Stock Cars in HO scale modeling.

HOCOC prides itself on it's competition, equipment and it's organization. All participants are expected to respect each other and to see that HOCOC's mission statement is fulfilled which will make HOCOC a more pleasurable experience through the camaraderie that comes along with it.

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